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What is a bumpercut

What is a bumpercut and why is it necessary

Brink is developing tow bars for all kind of car makes and models. Every tow bar development project is a very complex and precise job. Developing the best tow bar is a combination of user friendly, easy to use tow bar in combination with the perfect design. Keeping your car esthetics as much as possible untouched is our goal when we are developing a tow bar for your car model.
For this Brink is offering a wide range of detachable tow bars. Depending on the car model and shape of their bumper, we choose to offer a horizontal, diagonal or vertical tow bar for your car. We carefully take into account all the above mentioned aspects when development of a new tow bar starts.

Visible and unvisable bumpercut

In some situations it is necessary to make a cut out in the bumper of your car. During our development process we also focus on a minimized bumper cut. In most case when a bumper cut is needed the cut out is hardly visible because it is a small cut out in the bottom of your bumper. However in some situations it is required to make a bumper cut in a more  visible place in your bumper. To offer you a perfect tow bar with a maximize towing capacity and easy in use, we consider this as inescapable. We always seek for the best combination in ease in use and remain your car as untouched as possible. By doing this we have proven to develop high quality tow bar solutions for over a 100 years.